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Duty Drawback for Dynamics

The Dynamics Beyond Duty Drawback solution for Dynamics allows you to Claim your Tariffs / Duties back from the CBP (Customs and Border Protection). 


In today's environment, tariffs and duties continue to rise and a lot of a company's profit margin are being eroded due to tariffs / duties. Did you know if you pay tariffs on product during import and in turn export those products to NAFTA countries, you are entitled to "DRAWBACK" those tariffs under the US Customs and Border Protect - Duty Drawback program. There are lots of 3rd companies out there that will do this Drawback filling as a service for you via a lengthy manual process which is very expensive and sometimes doesn't translate to any money back due to multiple systems and CBP audits. What we have done is created a vertical solution in Dynamics 365/Dynamics AX  which allows for it to be contained within the ERP system. To be 100% net-new objects so that it doesn't affect any add-ons or customizations that your company may have done. This solution allows for you to process all the information inside of Dynamics and submit via Dynamics thru the CBP ACE portal and have your claim automatically filed and your claim for Duty Drawback processed. Money that is legally yours if you file and claim according to the CBP regulations.

Don't leave any more money on the table with tariffs and duties!! Reach out to our team today for more information on our solution. 

Startup Development Team
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